Women's Retreat Mission B.C. The Wild Spirit

Women's Retreat Offering

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What do you Seek? Harmony, clarity or knowing of your life path?

*Please note, this is an offering for a special event which is by invitation only. If you are not attending the event, please do not purchase. 

Choose from Reiki, Energy Clearing Meditation or a Tarot Reading and begin to explore, or expand, working with your own healing abilities and your ability to connect more deeply with your own energy and inner guidance system, also known as your intuition. 

Reiki Energy Channeling works with and through a connection between the practictioner and the recipient to amplify and harmonize the energy centers with the Body, Mind and Spirit. Using the vibrational medicine of crystal and metal singing bowls, tuning forks, as well as energic amplification through meditation a new fequency can be set within your energetic centers to support specific intentions such as physical, emotional or spiritual healing. 

Energy Clearing Meditation focuses on grounding and clearing energies stored in the physical and spiritual bodies. This clearing can aid in the release of stored excess energies from the Body, Mind and Spirit. Excess stored energies can manifest in experiences and sensations such as fatigue, manic or racing thoughts, anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, insomnia or critical self judgement.  Just imagine what life would be like if you could clear out what no longer is in your highest and best and make space for new energies to come in. This mediation is a juicy one that can aid in calling in new Beginnings, Joy and Abundance into your life. 


Tarot Reading

Ask yourself "What energies would like to come forward to be expressed and witnessed through the Tarot?"  Tarot can be used as a mirror, a mirror to reflect back to us what the Body, Mind and Spirit seeks.  Asking what energies would like to come forward to be witness through the tarot is a doorway, an opening, an opputunity to welcome in messages from the energetic realm as it relates to our Soul & Life path at this time. The Mirror that is Tarot reflects information back to us in which we can better understand the energies in our life and our heart. These reflections can relate to the areas of life such as career, love, health, wellness, family etc. Tarot, is not a tool for divination or knowing the future, but rather knowing ones self deeply and more authentically. So tell me, what energies would like to come forward to be witness through the Tarot?