Reiki & Sound Meditation

Reiki & Sound Meditation

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Reiki & Sound Meditation, a Somatic Experience

Reiki and Sound Healing  is used to raise the vibrations of the energetic body and promote shifts in stress, anxiety, chronic pain, physical ailments and emotional patterns.    These sessions include energy work, crystal bowls, tuning forks and massage may also be integrated if that element of service is selected.  

Over time it is not uncommon to see old patterns and belief systems shift and release, allowing for tremendous leaps forward physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Sessions are conducted fully clothed, laying in a relaxed and comfortable environment on a massage table.   Sound bowls, essential oils* tuning forks, energy channeling, a laying on of hands along the energetic meridians of the body, breath work and guided meditation are incorporated into each session. 

Reiki is a soft and gentle way to receive a somatic and spirit experience, activating your body's natural healing abilities through conscious and intentional mind, body, spirit connection. 

Combine Energy and Sound with Massage for a more in depth somatic (physical) experience.  

*If sensitivities or contraindications are present essential oils, sound bowls or tuning forks may be excluded from the session.  

Relax, Reset, Recharge


A restful, deep sleep + balanced nervous system +  flushed lymphatic system + enhanced energy vitality + reduced levels of cortisol  + greater emotional and energetic flexibility and elasticity + increased mobility and range of motion + realigned energetic centers  + strengthened immune system + reduced blood pressure + improved circulation of the blood and lymph fluids + relief of tension + tension-related or migraine headaches + general over all feeling of well being and balance + greater connection to your body and your spirit.