A Wild Spirit Sound Bath & Restorative Rest Experience  at Wellington Natural Health, Chilliwack 

Sound & Swing is a sweet treat that combines sound bathing and restorative rest using Yoga Hammocks. Stretch out or cocoon in and enjoy a weightless restorative sound bath experience.  Sound bath instruments include : Crystal Singing Bowls, Heart Frequency Gong, Koshi Bells & Shruti Box. 

October 17th @ 12pm - 1.30 pm

November 21st @ 12pm - 1.30 pm

December 19th @ 12pm - 1.30 pm

January 16th @ 12pm - 1.30 pm

 February 20th @ 12pm - 1.30 pm

March 20th @ 12pm - 1.30 pm

 April 17th @ 12pm - 1.30 pm

 May 15th @ 12pm - 1.30 pm

 June 19th @ 12pm - 1.30 pm

*Please see below for further information about this offering*

Sound Bath & Restorative Yoga Events(Copy)
Sound Bath & Restorative Yoga Events(Copy)
Sound Bath & Restorative Yoga Events(Copy)
Sound Bath & Restorative Yoga Events(Copy)


Ages 13+ Welcome. Ages 13-18 years must be accompanied by an adult. 

LGBTQ2S & Non Binary Folx welcome.

Our hope is that this can be an offering for every body. 

Please reach out to inquire about mobility and accessability supports available. 

The event will be enjoyed by partipants who are laying down with little to no movement unless for participant comfort and choice. This is not a Yoga offereing or a movement offering. 

If mobility and movement are barrier concerns, please reach out and we would love to support further accessability exploration.



-Vaccine Passports NOT required 

-Masks are required upon entrance and in the common areas. They are not required inside the studio where the event will be held or during the sound bath, masks are personal preference.      




YOUR SOUND & RESTORATIVE REST GUIDE. Founder & Practitioner : The Wild Spirit

A Wild Spirit & Lover of Sound Baths, Somatic Healing & Tarot, Jessica is a Yoga Teacher in Training, a Healing Guide & Spiritual Mentor and a Massage Practitioner at The Wild Spirit Massage & Wellness Studio in Mission, B.C. Canada. Discover more about Jessica, The Wild Spirit Studio & her Wellness & Ritual Goods Shop on Instagram, Facebook and coming soon, on ETSY.