Sound & Spirit

A Wild Spirit Sound Healing Meditation & Restorative Rest Experience

Be guided to experience gentle restorative rest that Sound can offer while exploring the sweet, gentle and sacred sounds of crystal and metal singing bowls, melodic string instruments, a heart frequency gong, overtone singing and koshi bells. 

Saturday, February 11th @ 12 pm - 1.30 pm, $55 Investment

@ karma Healing Yurt, 28064 - 112 Avenue, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada V2W 1M9

Sound Healing Meditation Event
Sound Healing Meditation Event
Sound Healing Meditation Event
Sound Healing Meditation Event
Sound Healing Meditation Event
Sound Healing Meditation Event
Sound Healing Meditation Event
Sound Healing Meditation Event
Sound Healing Meditation Event


A sound healing meditation, sometimes called a sound bath, is experienced laying down, fully dressed while being supported with a pillow underneath the head and knees a blanket laid over top of the participant. The invition that is available to participants is to open one's self to receive the vibrations and sound of various instruments to evoke a relaxing full body experience, induce a meditative state of conciousness or somatically processing emotions, memories, experiences or limiting beliefs though the sound expereince. What individuals experience is unique to them, as is the intention they set when the sound bath/mediation begins. Curosity and the ability to open one's heart, body and mind to recieve the gifts that a sound mediation can offer, is the key. 


Bring a blanket or soft matt to lay on, a blanket to cover you, a pillow for under your head and under your knees, a non glass waterbottle. Wear comfortable / flexible clothes and bring a pair of warm socks. The space is heated, but personal temperature may vary as you lay down for the hour. You may get chilled, so bring what you need to be comfortable. 


This location is not wheelchair accessible and has a high step to get into the yurt. 

There is no running water at this site, please bring your own water in a non breakable container.

Ages 13+ Welcome. Ages 13-18 years must to accompanied by an adult. 

LGBTQ2S & Non Binary, Neurodivergant people are welcome. This is an inclusive space for all. 

Our hope is that this can be an offering for every body. 

Please reach out to inquire about mobility and accessability supports available. 

The event will be enjoyed by partipants who are laying down with little to no movement unless for participant comfort and choice. This is not a Yoga offereing or a movement offering. 

If mobility and movement are barrier concerns, please reach out and we would love to support further accessability exploration.

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A Wild Spirit & Lover of Sound Baths, Somatic Healing & Tarot, Jessica is a Wellness & Ritual Coach, Mentor & Guide and a Massage Practitioner at Hope & Haravest Massage & Wellness Studio in Mission, B.C. Canada. Discover more about Jessica, Wild Spirit Events and her Massage & Wellness on Instagram and Facebook