RISE - Intuitive Tools for the Modern Day Wild Spirit

RISE - Intuitive Tools for the Modern Day Wild Spirit

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RISE An introduction to the Realms of Tarot, Sound Healing, Energy, Reiki & Essential Oils for Self Guided Wellness & Ritual.   

We all have intuitive abilities. We are all healers. We are all able to work with and channel energy. Having the ability to "Heal" is universal. It is inside of us.

RISE shares with you the Tools, Anchors & Allies that I use as an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader & Psychic to cultivate a radiant connection to the Body, Mind & Spirit. RISE is a fun introduction and exploration of your inner knowledge, your abilities and the tools you can access to RISE and experience a truly remarkable life. 




What is Tarot? LEARN How to get started, How to Choose a Deck, The Ritual of Tarot for Self Reflection & How to Connect Energetically to what You Seek. 


Harmonize & Engage with your Frequency through Sound. An Introduction + Tune up using Crystal Singing Bowls & Tuning Forks. 


Knowing how to Ground, Clear and Amplify Energy is very powerful. By learning these foundational energy techniques you will be well on your way to supporting your body, mind and spirit to experience more peace, joy, clarity, and energetic abundance, not to mention better sleep! These techniques are used by Energy Workers, Intuitive Healers, Reiki Practitioners & Psychics and you can use them too. Learn how you can proactively tend to and care for your energy by learning how to

Ground Energy - Meditation + Exercise

Clear Energy - Meditation + Exercise

Amplify Energy through Reiki Practice & Ritual - An Introduction


Explore the use of Essential Oils as a vehicle to create a connection to the Spirit Realm, to the Emotional Realm and to the Physical Realm. Learn to safely use oils to support, amplify and clear energy. 



1)  4 Hour Experience - In Person or Online, Group Setting. 

*In person experience will be held at The Wild Spirit in Mission, B.C.

*Online experience will be held Via Zoom, it will be recorded should you not be able to join live. 

2). 1 Hour - 1 to 1 Session of your choice. Includes, Tarot, Energy Clearing & Sound Session. Booked as a regular Session to meet your scheduling needs. This Session will not be held the same day as RISE. 

3). Presentation + Q & A for each Module

4). Experience for Each Module - Collective Tarot Reading, Guided Meditation with Sound, Energy Tools & Essential Oils, Oils 101 + Blending & Using Oils for Rollers & Salt Soaks.

*Online participants will receive an Essential Oil Roller & Salt Soak in the mail. 

5). Digital E-Book including workbook, resources, rituals and oil blends.